Cellular Engineering Technologies: CET

Cellular Engineering Technologies (CET) is a biotech company founded by Dr. Alan Moy with the mission to fundamentally change medicine.The healthcare system lacks treatments for patients with orphan (rare) diseases and targeted, personalized treatments for cancer patients.CET is commercializing innovations to solve these problems by marrying tissue engineering with preferred adult stem cells.

Molecular Innovations, Inc.

Molecular Innovations, founded in 1990, is a primary manufacturer of research antibodies, proteins and ELISA kits. We specialize in coagulation and thrombolysis reagents including PAI-1, tPA, urokinase, clotting factors, vitronectin and renin. Our customers all over the world include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as major research institutions.

Aviscera Bioscience

Aviscera Bioscience ia a leading supplier of specialty adipokines for metabolic syndrome & cardiovascular diseases research.


Lucigen was founded in 1998 by David Mead, Ph.D., focusing on the development of life science research products and technologies for genetic cloning.By concentrating on improved methods for capturing nucleic acids, Lucigen products have dramatically improved DNA cloning reliability and efficiency.

Recenttec Inc

Recenttec was born in Taiwan in early 2010. Co-founded with the sales team of Prisma Biotech, we are devoted to building an Asia-Pacific marketing channel for bio-medical and chemical analyses.We aspire to work with many Taiwanese businesses notable for their production and R&D innovation to market their products, increase added values, and explore overseas market.