MEDIWISS Analytic GmbH has been developing, manufacturing and selling their own medical products since the foundation in 1999 in Moers, Germany.Our guiding objective is to provide a complete system for the allergy screening of specific IgE antibodies and further developed areas such as IgG4 and IgG antibody detection.

Copan Italia

Copan Italia is the leading manufacturer of bacteriology swabs, viral transport media (VTM) and molecular systems in the world. Its innovations in pre-analytics include patented FLOQSwab™, Eswab™, and UTM™, which have been proven to advance the quality of traditional and contemporary microbiology assays through improved fluid-dynamics. Commitment to innovation in specimen processing lead to the 2008 launch of WASP: Walk-Away Specimen Processor, which enables the automatic planting and streaking of all types of bacteriological samples. In addition to innovative products, the company has an extensive line of traditional laboratory consumables, including inoculation loops and needles, spreaders, and transfer pipettes, as well as a line of SRK™ environmental swab systems and products for Forensic applications.


MLPA® is a rapid, high-throughput technique for copy number quantification and methylation status analysis of genomic sequences. MRC-Holland offers hundreds of MLPA® probe sets. Applications include:

  • Congenital & Hereditary Disorders
  • Tumours Profiling
  • Methylation profiling
  • Quantification of mRNA

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BioVision Incorporated

BioVision, Inc., is a privately held Life Science company headquartered in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area.BioVision develops and offers a wide variety of products including  assay kits, antibodies, recombinant proteins & enzymes, and other innovative research tools for studying Apoptosis, Metabolism, Cell Proliferation, Cellular Stress and others.


Product line : ORF expression clones, lentiviral particles, CRISPR/TALEN genome editing tools,  promoter clones, miRNA clones, shRNA clones, qPCR reagents, as well as fluorescent probes or dyes for molecular and cellular biology.

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