Molecular Diagnostics Suppliers


9,200 GeneXpert worldwide.

15 years as a public company.

16 FDA Cleared Xpert Tests and 23 CE-IVD Xpert Tests.


Cepheid products:

- GeneXpert System (Instruments and Kits).

- SmartCycler System.

GeneXpert is a real time thermal cycler that fully integrates and automates nucleic acid extraction, amplification and detection in the same test cartridge. It represents a revolutionary technology: a point of care system offering a lab in a cartridge with sample in, results out. No need for a specialized technician and all results are out in less than 2 hours.

Cepheid has democratized Molecular Diagnostics. No need for a special room to perform the assays nor a PCR work station.

Menu of 23 assays and growing fast:

Xpert BCR-ABL Monitor

Xpert BCR-ABL Ultra

Xpert Enterovirus, IVD


Xpert FII & FV

Xpert CT/NG

Xpert C-Difficile

Xpert C-Difficile BT

Xpert Flu, CE-IVD

Xpert CT

Xpert GBS

Xpert MRSA /SA, BC

Xpert SA Nasal Complete


Xpert MRSA NxG

Xpert Van A/Van B

Xpert Norovirus, CE-IVD


Xpert Carba-R

Xpert Flu/RSV XC

Xpert® TV (Trichomonas vaginalis)

Xpert Ebola

Xpert HIV-1 Qualitative

Xpert HIV-1 Viral Load

Xpert HCV Viral Load

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Sacace Biotechnologies

SACACE is an innovative Italian company founded in 2001 in order to operate in the field of biotechnology.SACACE develops, manufactures and sells through distributors more than 140 complete kits for human,veterinary and food diagnostics. These kits include all the reagents for nucleic acid extraction, amplification (PCR or RT-PCR) of specific region and detection of the amplified products.


AB Analitica

AB ANALITICA  is involved in advanced molecular biology diagnostics in the following sectors: microbiology, virology, onco-hematology, and genetics. The competences of the company are related to diagnostics with molecular biology technologies for both the qualitative and quantitative determination of nucleic acids, the development of biobanking management systems, and in vivo/in vitro diagnostics with breath test technology and the use of stable isotopes.

AB analitica is also the producer of the world's first CE-IVD device for detection of CALR Mutation.

Products List

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Dia-Chem S.R.L.


1.400 Ampli set Lymphoma B

1.401 Ampli set Lymphoma T

1.400.3 Ampli set Lymphoma TCRβ

1.404 Ampli set Lymphoma cells

1.407 Quant BCL1 IgH

1.406 Quant BCL2 IgH


1.501 Ampli set Y Chromosome deletion UE

1.501FAM Ampli set Y Chromosome deletion UE

1.501gr Ampli set Y Chromosome gr-gr

1.502 Ampli set Y Chromosome extension

1.503 Ampli set Androgen Receptor

1.504 Ampli set FSHβ - FSHR (RFLP)

1.505 Ampli set HLA G


1.300RT Ampli set MTHFR C677T

1.301RT Ampli set MTHFR A1298C

1.310RT Ampli set FII

1.311RT Ampli set FV Leiden


2.027RT Ampli set DYPD

2.032RT Ampli set UGT1A1/28*

1.428RT Ampli set K-Ras