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Tousimis Research Corporation

Tousimis research corporation

Our company was founded to carry out basic research in areas related to the ultrastructure of matter and to correlate these findings with dynamic experiments.

Today we are pleased to present our listing of research chemicals, supplies, accessories, and instruments for the electron microscopy and analysis laboratory.


MTCbio is best known for high quality pipetting instruments and western blotting accessories, and also are specialized in disposable plasticware for research laboratories. The Blu-Blot HS autoradiography film, PCR tubes and strips, pipette controllers, and cell strainers are few of their best products.

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Copan Diagnostics Inc

 Copan Diagnostics, Inc. is the leading supplier of collection and transport systems in the world. Copan Diagnostics, Inc. has been supplying bacteriology swabs, viral transport media VTM and molecular systems to North and South America since 1994. Copan's innovations in pre-analytics include patented Flocked Swabs, ESwab, and UTM Viral Transport.


Ziath is a leading company in instrumentation control and information management in both the academic and the pharmaceutical/biotech industry sectors with a focus on the application of laboratory automation and large sample libraries.

Ziath Provides Barcoded Tubes, Barcode Scanners and Tube Pickers, Sample Managing Softwares and much more.