Food Safety Suppliers

Bioo Scientific

Bioo Scientific, founded in 2003, is a rapidly expanding biotech company located in Austin, Texas. Bioo Scientific has applied for patents to protect its RNAi agent delivery technology, drug technologies and test kit products. Additionally, Bioo Scientific has been awarded numerous SBIR grants that support our innovative product development activities from the NIH, the USDA and the NSF.


The company concentrates on the production of portable ultrasonic milk analyzers under the trade name LACTOSCAN. Although this milk analyser is a standalone device, it is controlled by own electronic design and software, and is safeguarding the first step in the milk collection system.The company has CE mark and ISO 9001:2000 certificate for all produced milk analysers.

Quicking Biotech Co.,Ltd

Quicking Biotech Co.,Ltd is a rising company established in 2006 in Shanghai, China. We dedicate to developing rapid test kit for companion animals, farm animals, food safety, and medical rapid diagnostic.We are the best supplier of rapid test kit for veterinary diagnostic and we dedicated to serve the global market  with the assured quality.

Helica Biosystems, Inc.

Helica Biosystems, Inc. is a leading edge in vitro assay developer and manufacturer that provides highly accurate, yet simple tests focused on food safety and life science research applications.Our products range from simple colorimetric testing tools to highly sophisticated, bundled products capable of handling large volume diagnostics on an economically advantageous basis.