Veterinary Suppliers


Bioingentech is offering complete technical solutions for molecular diagnosis through supply of top quality PCR Kits for Veterinary Use.
With PCR testing, reliable results are obtained within a few hours.
The system has been optimized to deliver maximum PCR efficiency, sensitivity, and specificity.
Our products include all the reagents for nucleic acid extraction, amplification (PCR or RT-PCR) of a specific genomic regions and detection of the amplified products by agarose gel electrophoresis.
These reagents to be shipped at room temperature. Cheaply via standard shipping methods without the need for dry ice or a cold chain.
They are stable for more than 24 months at correct temperatures.
Our PCR Kits are manufactured to the highest standards.
Simple protocol.
Suitable for all PCR machines.


Animal Care Systems

Animal Care Systems manufactures the only motor-free rodent caging system in the industry. Combining “twice the mice” density with our unique carousel design, our caging provides a microenvironment that is free of noise, vibration and ultrasound, creating a variable-free environment. We have established a stellar reputation for our superior customer service and product support.

Established in 1997, Animal Care Systems is the first caging systems company in the industry founded by a veterinarian with experience in directing AAALAC-accredited animal care & use programs. Dr. Germain Rivard’s experience with animal facility planning, design and management produced the construction of the first Gene Transfer Technologies Training Center and Rodent Barrier Facility for genetically altered mouse colonies.


25 years of experience in veterinary ultrasonography combined with the installation of more than 20.000 scanners have led ECM to design,develop and manufacture in France a wide range of ultrasound scanners : the ultra portable VSCAN,the portable AGROSCAN and the latest ones EXAGO and EXAGYNE,also the trolley based IMAGYNE are perfectly designed for the needs and constraints of the practitioners


Midmark the most trusted name in medical, dental and veterinary healthcare equipment solutions, Midmark is committed to providing innovative products and services for the healthcare professional, integrating value-added technology into everything it does.


The company concentrates on the production of portable ultrasonic milk analyzers under the trade name LACTOSCAN. Although this milk analyser is a standalone device, it is controlled by own electronic design and software, and is safeguarding the first step in the milk collection system.The company has CE mark and ISO 9001:2000 certificate for all produced milk analysers.