NOMAD® Pro Handheld X-ray Systems

The NOMAD Pro and the NOMAD Pro Veterinary join the Aribex family of award-winning NOMAD handheld x-ray systems. Optimized for dental radiography and for non-dental uses such as forensic, veterinary, industrial inspection, and homeland security.These devices offer enhanced user interfaces, preset and programmable exposure settings, and additional time-saving features. Their lighter weight and cordless design improves radiography speed, convenience, and efficiency.

One NOMAD Pro does the work of multiple conventional x-ray systems, making it extremely economical. The advanced technology of NOMAD Pro provides your practice with the highest level of safety, quality, and patient care, anywhere!

And it's "off the wall"—there are no bulky arms, reinforced walls, special cabinets or costly electrical hookups to deal with.

Aribex’s flagship products are the NOMAD, NOMAD eXaminer, NOMAD Pro, and NOMAD Pro Veterinary handheld intraoral dental X-ray systems.