PowerLyzer® 24 Bench Top Bead-Based Homogenizer

The PowerLyzer® 24 Bench Top Bead-Based Homogenizer is a bead beating instrument uniquely designed for the most efficient and complete lysis and homogenization of any biological sample. In as little as 30 seconds, the PowerLyzer® 24 homogenizer is capable of processing up to 24 samples in 2 ml tubes. With true "hands-free" operation, the downtime associated with manipulating samples through multiple cycles is eliminated. Even the toughest and most difficult samples such as pine needles, seeds, spores, fungal mats, bone, and skin are easily and effectively lysed using the PowerLyzer® 24 homogenizer and MO BIO's high-quality nucleic acid isolation kits. By adjusting the run times and rotation speeds, precise optimization of individual sample type is achieved to save hours of work and sample manipulation.