CryoScarless DMSO-free by Funakoshi

CryoScarless DMSO-free is a cryopreservation medium for a variety of cells and cell lines. This media does not contain protein or DMSO. This increases the cell viability after thawing and importantly allows stem cells to remain in an undifferentiated state.

  • Serum-free and DMSO-free formulation.
  • High cell viability, and no risk of either DMSO cytotoxicity or contamination by serum-derived proteins.
  • Consistent and high cell viability after thawing (> 90% for most of the cell lines).
  • Maintaining stem cell pluripotency after thawing.
  • Free of bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma contamination.
  • Long shelf life. The product is stable for 2 years at 4℃ after the date of manufacture.