QuantiFluor™ Series

Compact, easy to use, and cost-effective single tube fluorometers for Life Science applications.

The QuantiFluor™-ST Fluorometer

An affordable, sensitive fluorometer designed for quick, easy, and accurate fluorescence measurements. The QuantiFluor™-ST provides high sensitivity for fluorescence measurements and is so easy to use that you can have results within minutes. Single-point calibration saves time and the dual-channel design allows you to switch between two assays with the touch of a button.


The QuantiFluor™-P Fluorometer

A lightweight, handheld instrument configured for many of the fluorescent probes commonly used in nucleic acid and protein quantitation. While small in size, performance is not compromised. The QuantiFluor™-P has two dedicated channels that offer the ability to quickly analyze a sample for two different fluorescent signals.