Quantus™ Fluorometer

The Quantus™ Fluorometer is a dual-channel fluorometer for your personal quantitation workflow. Designed to provide highly sensitive fluorescent detection when quantifying nucleic acids, the compact instrument is simple to operate. The Quantus™ Fluorometer is optimized with preprogrammed settings for Promega QuantiFluor® Dye Systems (QuantiFluor® dsDNA, RNA and ssDNA Systems) for nucleic acid quantitation, and allows users the flexibility to create their own methods and quantitation settings for other dyes.

The Quantus™ Fluorometer is equipped with two fluorescence channels for nucleic acid and protein quantitation:

  • Blue fluorescence channel: Excitation 495nm shortpass (wavelengths up to 495nm), emission 510–580nm.
  • Red fluorescence channel: Excitation 640nm shortpass (wavelengths up to 640nm), emission 660–720nm.

Features - Benefits

  • High Performance: Integrated with QuantiFluor® Dyes for high sensitivity, broad dynamic range and target specificity. Great for low-level sample quantitation such as FFPE or viral samples.
  • Increased Sensitivity: Significantly increased sensitivity over absorbance at 260nm (NanoDrop® spectrophotometer) for those samples that are low in concentration. Ten times more sensitive than Qubit® 2.0 and a detection limit of 50pg/ml, compared to 500pg/ml for the Qubit® 2.0. With a customized low standard curve, lower amounts can be detected.
  • Easy-to-Use Workflow and Navigation: Flexible with custom protocols and user-defined settings. PC software for data management workflow.
  • Affordable Price: Cost-effective to easily incorporate into your laboratory.
  • Recommended for Next-Gen Sequencing: Successfully used in several Next-Gen Sequencing systems, including Illumina (HiSeq/miSeq), Roche (454) and LifeTech (ion Torrent and ion Proton) systems.