GeneXpert® System



The GeneXpert System by Cepheid is the leader of PCR molecular diagnostic technology . It fully integrates and automates sample preparation, by extraction, amplification and detection all in one cartridge. Bench top small instrument . No contamination . No specialized technician. A very simple test. Hands on sample preparation time ( 2 to 5 min) . Time to result is less than 2 hours .On-demand, no batch necessary, just load single sample and the system does the rest.


RICH MENU : 24 ASSAYS  most FDA approved (10 tests per kit )

Xpert MTB/RIF FDA approved (test time in 2 hours)

Xpert Flu FDA approved FluA, B, H1N1 ( test time 75 min)

Xpert Flu/RSV FDA approved  (test time in just 40 min)

Xpert C Difficile FDA approved (test time in 1 hour)

Xpert Enterovirus FDA approved (test time in 2.5 hours)

Xpert BCR-ABL ultra (test time less than 2 hours)

Xpert BCR-ABL monitor (test time less than 2 hours)

Xpert FII & FV FDA approved (test time 30 MIN )

Xpert CT/NG FDA approved (test time in 90 min)

Xpert HIV-1 Viral Load (test time 90min )

Xpert HIV qualitative (test time 90 min)

Xpert HCV Viral Load (test time less than 2 hours)

Xpert GBS FDA approved (test time just over 30 min)

Xpert MRSA /SA FDA approved BC (test time about 1 hour)

Xpert SA Nasal Complete FDA approved (test time about 1 hour)

Xpert MRSA/SA, SSTI  FDA approved (test time in about 1 hour)

Xpert MRSA FDA approved (test time in about 1 hour)

Xpert Van A/Van B FDA approved (test time less than 1 hour)

Xpert Norovirus, FDA approved CE-IVD (test time in 45 min )

Xpert HPV, CE-IVD (test time less than 60min)

Xpert Carba-R FDA approved (test time in 48 min)

Xpert TV Trichomonas vaginalis FDA approved (test time in about 1 hour)

Xpert CT

Xpert Ebola


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