VME Anesthesia for clinical practice

We are number one in providing VME Anesthesia from Midmark USA.
All veterinarians have and use VME Anesthesia for the veterinary surgery and operation for small animals.

Product overview:

Designed for the performance minded veterinary professional, the new VME places all your anesthesia equipment and monitors on one sleek, compact post. Built to ISO 9001 specifications, this unit incorporates over 30 years of manufacturing experience to meet the needs of today's versatile practitioner.

VME Technical Specifications:

  • Oxygen flowmeter - glass tube with fused scale reading from 0.2 to 4.0 LPM

  •  Oxygen Flush

  •  1100 cc CO2 absorber

  • Dome-type inhalation and exhalation valves

  •  Scavenging/anti-pollution pressure relief valve

  •  -60 to +60 H2O pressure gauge

  •  15mm and 22mm diameter corrugated breathing tubes

  •  Inhaler "Y" piece

  • One and Two liter breathing bags

  • Portable stand with 5 leg spider base and casters

  •  Comprehensive three-year warranty

  •  Convenient monitor shelf

  •  Accepts VIP 3000 ,TEC 3 and Penlon vaporizers (mounting kit included)