First Second Generation,Liquid-based Cytology System.

In the mid-1990’s this method of cell preparation underwent its first significant change in almost 70 years. A new generation of products was developed to improve sample processing, a technology that enables laboratories to “clean the specimen”. This technology went on to be referred to as liquidbased cytology (LBC). The result was obvious, you could now accurately read a slide.

However, this new LBC technology came with two challenges. One, was that it required an automated instrument and two, it was designed around vacuums, filters and plastic disposables. All of this resulted in both high complexity and a higher cost per test While clearly superior to the conventional preparations; adoption was hindered by its high costs. And for many labs, the instrument didn’t meet the labs needs. A decade later, a new second-generation LBC technology is now available, called Liqui-PREP.


New technology from LGM Intl
             " Liqui-Prep"