Lab Equipment

Ziath Product line

Ziath Provides Barcoded Tubes, Barcode Scanners and Tube Pickers, Sample Managing Softwares and much more.

Accumax pipettes

List of products: Accumax Mechanical Pipette-Latest Innovation Accumax Mechanical Pipette Pipette Controller Accumax Junior Pipette  

COPAN Diagnostics Inc

We have a stock for copan products for microbiology analysis and sample collection. ESwab: Collection and transportation system for microbiology analysis. Flocked SWABS : New technologie for sample collection.…

Mycology,microbiology products

Mycology,microbiology They include ground-breaking custom printed slides and coverglass, rapid stains,revolutionary mycology products, affordable portable incubators, disposable instruments, microbiology…


PolyStainer - Microbiology Stainer - Gram Stainer - Slide Stainer. The POLY STAINER is an automated system for Gram stain, and for hematology staining.