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Life Science Reagents Products | DPC Lebanon

Life Science Reagents


TOKU-E is a producer of antibiotics, antimyotics and numerous other products for culture media used in Cell Culture, Microbiology, Plant Culture and Cancer Research. TOKU-E is also a producer of numerous…

BPS Bioscience Lines

BPS Bioscience is a supplier of Assay kits, Enzymes , Inhibtor/Activator, Antibodies, Heat Shock Protein, Antibodies.  

Riboxx siRNA and miRNA Technology

Riboxx LIFE SCIENCES develops customized and tailor-made molecular tools for gene silencing in vitro and in vivo through RNA interference: small interfering RNA (siRNA) and microRNA…

Signal Booster Series by Funakoshi

"Signal Booster series" are signal enhancement reagent for immunoassays. The main composition of Signal Booster series are polymer and blocking ingredients. Polymer alters the surface physico-chemical…

StemCell Keep by Funakoshi

StemCell Keep is optimized cryopreservation media for primates ES/iPS cells by keeping high vitrification ability with low cyto-toxicity. Features: Animal-derived Protein-free and DMSO-free formulation.…