Life Science Instrumentation

QuantiFluorâ„¢ Series

Compact, easy to use, and cost-effective single tube fluorometers for Life Science applications. The QuantiFluor™-ST Fluorometer An affordable, sensitive fluorometer designed for quick, easy, and…

Buck Scientific Inc

Buck Scientific Inc Atomic absoptions Microwave digestions systems, UV / VIS spectro, G.C, Envrirommental analyzers, Microscope, incubation clambers

Heathrow Scientific

List of Products: Centrifugation. Cryostorage Laboratory. Microbiology. Microscopy. Dispensers. Phlebotomy. Pipetting Supplies. Safety Products.  

Digital Bio

ADAM: Automatic Cell counter and disposable hemocytometer . ADAM represents : Advanced Detection and Accurate Measurement. 1. Accuracy – ADAM the most accurate cell counter in the market.Total count…

Lab Companion

Lab Companion Lab equipment and scientific instruments.