Bioair PCR hood

Bioair AURA PCR work station. Main applications: -Nucleic Acids Aerosol neutralisation -Pre and Post PCR manipulation -DNA/RNA extraction

Gel documentation system (Biotop)

Different range of gel documentation with an high resolution CCD camera and a 12 bit depth to make more detailed pictures.

Meiji Techno Microscopy Products

Meiji techno now offers fiber optic backlights  for machine vision and microscopy applications.    


MISCO REFRACTOMETER Manufacturer of high-quality precision actometers. Applications: in clinical labs for honey  for wine  Veterinary refractometers

Electron Microscopy (EMS)

Electron Microscopy Sciences is proud to announce the introduction of the highest quality line of compound and stereo microscopes in the market place today. The microscopes  incorporate  advanced…