ThawSTAR Automated Thawing Unit by BioCision LLC


No water.  No hands.  No guessing. ThawSTAR™ automated thawing system addresses the last gap in the cell cryopreservation workflow: cell thawing.

Standardize your cell thawing with ThawSTAR automated thawing system. Replacing inadequate methods of cell thawing that are subject to contamination and have subjective end points - such as swirling frozen vials in communal water baths or warming them between hands - ThawSTAR enables rapid, consistent and reproducible thawing. Simply insert your frozen vial and wait. Audible and visual indicators allow you to track thaw progress. At thaw completion, the vial is gently raised for easy removal and downstream processing. Ideal for cell thawing, or thawing of other biospecimens.