Electron Microscopes for Research, Industrial Applications, and Natural Resources.

DPC/Lebanon is pleased to announce the availability of Electron Microscopes for Research, Industrial Applications, and Natural Resources from “FEI”& ASPEX the world leader in pioneering…

Palm PCR-A Portable High-Speed PCR System

Palm PCR is a battery powered, palm-size portable machine that delivers PCR amplification with high speed and sensitivity in a small handheld format. It is Provided by Ahram Biosystems,Inc., a leading…

InCella: A successful cell transfection

Incella is offering quality products and can fully handle the process of recommending reagents of cell transfection using ScreenFect®A. You can bebefit now from ScreenFect®A which is suitable…

Advansta Products : A solution for protein analysis

DPC-Lebanon is pleased to announce that you can now benefit from Advansta products. Advansta provides products for every step of protein analysis by Western blotting, from electrophoresis to immunodetection.

Tobii : Eye Tracking Research

As an Accurate and Precise Test Method to compare different remote eye trackers.Tobii provides eye tracking systems to analyze vision, human behavior, user experiences and consumer responses. Learn more…