DPC Lebanon is pleased to announce the availability of Typenex products.

TypeSafe allows for segment sampling without the use of scissors. SmearSafe allows for easy dispensing of a drop of blood from a tube without removing the stopper.

Minute™ Protein Extraction Kits

The Minute™ series of protein extraction kits (patents pending) developed by Invent Biotechnologies, Inc. are excellent tools for rapid and easy protein extraction/isolation from a variety of species…

Soil DNA & RNA isolation

MO BIO's PowerMAX DNA Isolation kits and RNA PowerSoil kits are among the most unique and innovative products in the biotech marketplace today. Effectively removing humic acid inhibitors of PCR present…

Synthetic Cannabinoids

We now have a test for synthetic cannabinoids which cannot be detected using standard DOA laboratory tests. The drug is mostly known under the name of “K2” or “spice”. For more…

Neglected diseases

Now available, from Span Diagnostics, rapid immunochromatographic tests for the detection of  V.cholerae (Crystal VC), Filariasis (Signal MF) Kala azar (Crystal KA),...